SHABAD GURU sound as teacher

Recordings for meditation & healing.


“There are certain things which can be considered the most superior things: prayer of the mother, prayer of the beloved (I wish it should say wife, but it is not written in the scriptures, so I cannot alter them), prayer of the self, and prayer of the spiritual teacher. These are four prayers which can alter and change the destiny.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

In 2019 we are conducting a year long journey to explore the above teaching and the accompanying teaching that a woman has 4 ways in which she can liberate herself ie. reach total fulfilment. The prayers below are the prayers that accompany each of these 4 paths. Please feel free to listen to them and to find the prayers online and chant along with them. Ultimately, the best is to record these prayers in your own voice and use your own recording. The prayers will be shared here Path by Path.

Path of Service


Merai Man means “Oh my mind”. This Shabad was written by Guru Ram Das. It speaks of the love of guru, that one who brings you to true understanding and to peace. Guru is that principle. It may be found in a spiritual teacher or it may be that principle inside of you, to which you bow. The Shabad is one of great devotion and love. It is an imploring of the mind to forsake all else and serve and be absorbed in the love of truth. Chant it as much as you wish. Enjoy it. Awaken your innermost self through moving expressively to it.

PDF of Merai Man.

Path of the Mother


Prayer of the Mother. A woman may chant this 11 times a day for a child in her womb, to bless that soul and elevate their destiny. She may also chant it 11 times for her child on their birthday. Or she may chant it to receive healing in her relationship with her own mother and the divine mother principle.

Path of the Beloved


Prayer of the Beloved. A woman may chant this to clear any negativity in herself in her relationships with men. She chants it to call God present in her man as the state called forth is a state of grace - the state of of Guru Ram Das, Lord of Miracles. She can chant it to elevate any 3 men at a time and to heal the divine masculine principle within herself.

PDF of So Purkh.