A S   T A U G H T   B Y   Y O G I   B H A J A N

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful yogic technology which increases health and vitality and awakens the practitioner to their own innate personal power. Physical asanas or postures and movements are combined in specific order with breath and mental focus to bring about specific effects through your whole being, from the very physical to the most subtly energetic.  There are hundreds of Kriyas (exercise sets) with a huge range of targeted effects, but overall the practice naturally gives rise to a sense of inner balance, clarity, well-being, happiness and "switched on-ness" or aliveness.

Mantra and the use of the sound current for healing and awakening is a unique aspect of Kundalini Yoga also, as we tune in and close each class with mantra and song. Many meditations involve mantra and the bij (seed) mantra is Sat Nam - Truth I am.

Kundalini is the nerve of the soul. It is a natural force residing in every human being which can lie dormant or can be awakened. All yogas aim to raise the Kundalini, or the potential energy of the soul, so that we can become what's known as the possible human. But Kundalini Yoga gets you there faster. It is possibly also the safest form of yoga as, while your vibration and energy rises, you are at the same time conditioning your nervous system and all other systems to integrate the changes as they happen. Your life flows better, you feel more yourself, you have more conscious choice in how you relate to others and the magic of life reveals itself.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that you don't have to be young, fit or flexible to practice Kundalini Yoga and experience its benefits. Variations of poses are always offered to get the energetic benefits of the exercises. You also don't have to wear anything special or believe in anything in particular to do it. In the beginning is the experience, so come and have one and decide for yourself!

You can learn and practice Kundalini Yoga with me in open weekly classes or as part of 4 Paths of a Woman - my 2019 women’s programme.

Sometimes there is the need for private sessions or you would like to do a guided home practice. This is possible. Contact me directly to make an appointment.

And if you are pregnant or have a baby under 1 year, I also teach Kundalini Yoga for pregnancy and the first postnatal year. Visit Small Blessings Yoga here >


Yogi Bhajan made the journey from India to land in Canada in the 60s. From there he settled in America and set about tirelessly teaching, sharing his clear and potent teachings and technologies for awakening. Today, hundreds of thousands around the globe practice Kundalini Yoga and more and more are discovering its profound relevance, power and utility for us in the times in which we live, where without a strong nervous system and a way to connect to your own highest potential it is very easy to be overwhelmed.

Yogi Bhajan iterated strongly that he came to make teachers, not gather disciples, and so Kundalini Yoga is custom-made for these times of self-initiation and acceleration.

Photos by Emilia Gray of Onesies & Co