A P P L I E D   N U M E R O L O G Y ~ A B R I E F I N T R O D U C T I O N

Karam Kriya is the art of science of applied numerology. It was revealed by Shiv Charan Singh, a student of Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West. On meeting with Yogi Bhajan to tell him of his unfolding work Yogiji told Shiv Charan that the practice was called Karam Kriya. Yogiji also told Shiv Charan that he would write a book and teach Karam Kriya extensively around the globe. Today, this vision has been established throughout Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. Jai Ram, together with Jai Inder in Melbourne, are trained consultants in Karam Kriya and represent this legacy through Karam Kriya Australia.

Karam Kriya takes numbers as the most essential and unifying level of existence. Being so subtle and yet concrete, numbers speak to and of the invisible magic that underlies all. To listen to and speak their language is to give awareness to the soul, which is often somehow buried under the multitude of appearances of life.

Without wanting to, we bury the treasure of our own souls under the stuff of our lives. Number awareness is an invitation to retrieve the treasure that is you.

The seed of the soul (1) when it incarnates has into the bargain the fact of separation and the longing (2) for return to union.

But we can't go back, only forward, and so the dream of separation turns into the trance of personality as we necessarily enter the game of life and take on an identity that is less and also more than who we really are (3).

This is not wrong, it is intended. We can live in this repeating trance of being semi-conscious for a long time, until moments of awareness intrude to call into question the reality of our assumed identities. Life is full of these little and sometimes large crises in which the soul is calling to be remembered (4). Its home-sickness is felt (and often misdiagnosed by a culture that doesn't recognise soul).

If we were to fully remember and wake up to the identity of the soul then, 1+2+3+4=10 the journey would be complete and that would be that. But of course it's mostly not that simple and we must move through all kinds of journeys and processes, experiences and tests in order to ripen the consciousness to stay awake and not fall back to sleep.


The journey of the soul, seen through this multi-focaled lens, is the ultimate adventure.. and it's one we are all on.

Numbers give a reliable and precise map of this journey. They describe the various terrains of life and give endlessly subtle and obvious information about how each of us approaches these areas of our lives. They also describe in their natural patterns (to be found in geometry, in nature and everywhere you look) 4 distinct processes through the elements on the level of matter and 4 complementary processes on the level of spirit.


Complex and varied, numbers also make things very simple. Through paying attention to them what is always there under the surface is revealed and we find more clarity about how we can conscious express our unique excellence. Listening to them we are taught about the blueprint of the 10 human virtues which we can cultivate to balance our 10 bodies to become what Yogi Bhajan called the 10 in 1 being – radiant, self-illumined, walking side by side and in total flow with the creative intelligence.

How to learn Karam Kriya?

Karam Kriya as a way of being aware and a Jnana Yoga (intelligent discrimination) practice can be learned by looking for and tuning into the numbers for yourself. This knowledge belongs to no-one. It is everywhere and it is free.

However, whilst remembering the language that made you it is very useful to calibrate yourself with someone who has been calibrated, as the mind adds its own interpretations. If you wish to learn it in Perth, look out for Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga workshops with Jai Ram Kaur.

In April 2019 the current 10 day course (over 10 Sundays) Karam Kriya 4 Kundalini Yoga completed. This training takes a number per day and looks at Kundalini Yoga through this lens to get deeper understanding and clarity on both. Please register your interest should you wish to attend such a training in the future.

You can also attend an individual Numerological Consultation with Jai Ram >> click on the button at the top of this page.

These sessions are also available via skype when attendance in person isn't possible.

The full training in Karam Kriya is a 45 day consultancy training, currently taught mainly in Europe in various locations, as well as purely by founder Shiv Charan Singh at the Quinto do Rajo ashram in Portugal. In the coming years it is planned to offer this training in Australia also.

Contact Jai Ram Kaur if you feel called by the numbers and we will find out how the teachings can best be made available for you. Sat Nam.

For Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training through Karam Kriya school visit www.karamkriya.com.au.



Shiv Charan Singh is founder and director of the Karam Kriya School of Applied Numerology, originally based in London and now centred in Portugal.

Shiv Charan´s search for the fundamental principles of our existence, for the connection all sacred teachings and systems have with each other, brought him to the study of numbers. He discovered in them the continually unfolding primary intelligence, which gives rise to and permeates all life and which governs and informs our lives. He has since dedicated his life to the study of life through numbers and numbers through life. Yogi Bhajan gave his work the name Karam Kriya in 1996.

As an outstanding teacher and spiritual consultant Shiv Charan travels the world tirelessly and trains people in Kundalini Yoga. This training takes place in the context of the “Court of Karam Kriya”. What he teaches and his language itself is permeated by humility and is simultaneously charismatic and entertaining. Through his humour, compassion and profound insight he reaches many people and welcomes them all, regardless of age or background.