V I T A L . C O N S C I O U S . S T R O N G i n S P I R I T . S H I N I N G . S A T N A M


Aligning with the Natural Laws Under a Pisces Full Moon

Friday September 13th 6.30pm to 8pm at A Place to Just Be, Bicton

* Now facilitated by Frances Fuller *

All welcome to join in with this community class, involving Kundalini Yoga and a special meditation to make full use of the qualities of the Pisces Full Moon to discern the truth about our allegiances. What is over and done with in your life? And who are you then? With clear inner alignment, in harmony with the natural laws, it is time to choose to serve what is highest in us. We participate in the flow of love that is life and we thrive.


This is a KYWA - Kundalini Yoga WA - event. all proceeds go to our not for profit collective, to help us serve our WA community with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. $10 only, cash at the door. Great as an introduction to Kundalini Yoga. Bring your friends!


4 W A Y S A W O M A N C A N L I B E R A T E H E R S E L F ~ 2 0 1 9 F U L L Y E A R W O M E N ’ S P R O G R A M M E

SHABAD GURU~sound as teacher

Recordings for meditation and healing. Prayers to change the course of destiny. Open the door to the Naad, the sound current, HERE >>

Poota Maata Ki Asees - Prayer of the Mother

Poota Maata Ki Asees - Prayer of the Mother

Merai Man - Prayer to the Guru

Merai Man - Prayer to the Guru


The spiritual science of Applied Numerology

Numbers are the magic dust beneath God’s feet. They are a universal language and they are speaking through us all the time. A Karam Kriya healing conversation, based on the blueprint that is your date of birth, is an invitation to bring consciousness to the verbal and non verbal conversations you are having with yourself, with others, with the world at large and with the universe. It’s an opportunity to explore how this conversation could be ready to transform in certain ways to accelerate you on your journey of becoming the you that only you can be.

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My soul, bless me, be with me. Energize me so I can face the world with the strength of the spirit. Save me from duality, give me the reality and royalty so I can face my world in peace and tranquility. May this journey of life be completed with love and affection, kindness and compassion for all living things.” Yogi Bhajan

Photo by Tania Lee Crow/ Tej Bhagti Kaur