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Path 4 ~ Path of Self Realisation

  • Palmyra Yoga Shala 63 McKimmie Road Palmyra, WA, 6157 Australia (map)


“Become a Saint”

10 weeks from 14th October to 16th December

Monday evening Kundalini Yoga classes 7 to 9pm in Palmyra in a warm community of women and a wealth of opportunities to integrate what you’re learning into your daily life ..


Path 4 of the 4 Paths of a Woman journey: PATH OF SELF-REALISATION 

“Three lines can decide. It. “I am a woman. I have a destiny. I have to cover the distance.”” Yogi Bhajan 

There is an ancient yogic teaching that says that a woman has four ways she can realise her greatness: through motherhood, through partner relationship, through service to a spiritual teacher or guru principle and directly through her Self. 

Path of Realisation is a journey dedicated to exploring this fourth option – a woman being her own project.

In fact, the reality is, this fourth way and the attitude and awareness of it is in fact a prerequisite for the success of the other 3, if they are really to be lived as paths to realisation. While it is easy for a woman to lose herself in her giving to others, when our giving is guided by this fourth way then it has the potential to become liberating to us. 

Why Kundalini Yoga teachings? In a world of a vast array of choice and a loud chorus of many voices and opinions, turning to universal principles and timeless teachings lets us discriminate the true and essential from the merely fashionable. It lets us explore deeply and ground ourselves in the reality of our innate and inalienable nature. Being close to and in agreement with natural laws, our lives flourish and our souls can shine. 

The teachings of Kundalini Yoga offer a calibration. They also offer a language, an inspiration and a technology that serves to resurrect the true, pure power of woman in yourself that, no matter what, is the truth lying at the ground of your being. 

More about Path of Realisation: This Path offers you a weekly 2 hour space, in the company of a diverse group of supportive women, to cultivate your “neutral gear”, as Yogi Bhajan put it – the consciousness of Self, before any of the roles you play, in which you are nothing other than a woman. Your success at being truly you and nobody other than you, of walking the path of your becoming, of seeing, accepting and investing in your own destiny, does not take away from any of your other roles. It IS the success of your other roles. 

Path 4, Path of Self-Realisation, as the 4th part of the 2019 4 Paths of a Woman journey, ties everything together. It is the crowning glory and the point to all of it. So in this way it is also a stand alone, and you are welcome to join us for the first time for this Path. 

What this Path offers:

  • 10 Monday evening 7 to 9pm extended classes– at Palmyra Yoga Shala, 63 McKimmie Rd Palmyra: mini workshop-style classes with Kundalini Yoga and meditation, teachings, small group sharing & awareness exercises.

  • Homework exercises – you will be taken on a 10 week guided journey of teachings and practices with homework to help you integrate and embody the learning

  • The invitation to join a 40 day home practice (sadhana)– 40 days of the same kriya (exercise set) and meditation for 40 days straight

  • Shabad: Each Path is accompanied by its own particular Shabad (mantra verse that contains the healing sound current), This Path the shabad is a beautiful one called Bhand Jameeai. You will be taught this shabad and are invited to include it in your daily sadhana.

  • Videos: Each class is made available a day or two after the Monday evening class, so if you miss one, you can do it at home.

  • Private Facebook Group: in which there is sharing amongst the group and you can ask questions and receive support from Jai Ram and the other women

  • Weekly newsletter: Inspiration and information provided on a weekly basis and support also via email for those not on facebook.

Should you have any questions at all, small or large, practical or conceptual, feel free to reach out to me so that we may clear any blocks to your full participation. 

You need have no experience with Kundalini Yoga to undertake this course. 


There are 2 options: in person attendance or online. Student discounts are available for full time students and those currently undertaking Kundalini Yoga teacher training.

Payment is by direct transfer, cash or online (PayPal - at the bottom of this page).


JS Hergo Thanos. BSB 016 484. Acct Nr: 585533602. Reference Path 4 and your name.


Includes all the features listed above.

$400 for the full 10 weeks. Student discount $350. (For full time students with student card and Kundalini Yoga teacher training students). 



For those women who really want to join but physically can’t get to classes, we also offer the possibility to join Path of Self-Realisation online. 

This includes: 

  • weekly 2 hour video classes available on a password protected Members page

  • membership of the private community Facebook group for sharing and learning

  • 4 Paths of a Woman weekly newsletter

  • homework exercises for integration into daily life

  • guidance and mentorship

  • 40 day sadhanas (daily home practice) with twice weekly live facebook video

$200. Student discount $170 (For full time students with student card and Kundalini Yoga teacher training students.)

PAY ONLINE with PayPal

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